HNLP is the next evolution of NLP, upgrading it for more robust and spiritual purposes. Utilising these processes in coaching can create profound and lasting change in a single session. It is like finally having an owner’s manual for our mind. 

HNLP stands for:


Refers to the unlimited potential power that each individual has to create better results in their life, through upgrading outdated beliefs, habits and behaviours.


More than just our thoughts, this refers to all the senses and how they shape how we see and react to the world, emotional states, our perspective and our health in all its aspects – mental, physical, emotional, financial and spiritual.


The words we speak and think affect our reality in a very real sense. We can use words to focus on how we would like to see the world differently, and improve our relationships.


The study of our mental and emotional states and how they affect our behaviour, and even our identity.

All physical imbalances and mental imbalances begin with core significant events. If those core traumas are not resolved they mutate into addictions, low self-esteem, unbridled fears and lack of confidence. So we go in and we neutralise those core significant events in a person’s life and build a stronger sense of identity through leading a value driven life."

Gary De Rodriguez
Leadership Coach, Executive Breakthrough Trainer

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