Have you ever tried something new just out of curiosity and encountered a HUGE Aha moment or shift in perspective?  You didn’t know what you didn’t know, and now you know. Everything looks different.

If you are curious to see how unconscious habits, behaviours and limiting beliefs might be limiting your ability to see yourself out of a problem with your relationship with money, or indeed with your nearest and dearest, make time for a quick chat to see if I can help.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them.”

Albert Einstein


Meet Veronika

Veronika Andersson

Veronika is a HNLP Practitioner, Coach to the Deeper Self, to build on creating overall wellness for those seeking to lift their life game to the next level. This particular type of coaching is the equivalent of providing the owner’s manual to the mind and complements the other services that Veronika can provide in so many aspects of creating an abundant life.

Veronika Andersson has also been working in accounting public practices for over 30 years. She has often found that the stumbling blocks to financial success most people face are internal, that then express themselves externally, often in chaotic or unhelpful ways.

Remove your roadblocks

Are you ready to dive deeper and take the steps needed to level up?