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  • a goal getter
  • a self empowered leader and lover of your life

Do you struggle with making decisions?  Do you delay making a decision until the opportunity has passed you by?  Or worse, get to the point where someone has made that decision for you, making you feel powerless and ineffective?

And even after you do eventually make a decision, do you keep questioning if you have made the right one? And wonder what it would have been like if you chose differently?

Have you stopped setting goals because you feel like you are setting yourself up for failure?

Has it got to the point where it has been so difficult to make decisions that you feel like you are just drifting through life.

If you enlist the power of knowing and living by your values, and harness the power of your sub-conscious mind by being provided with the manual for your mind, do you think you would feel happier, more powerful and purposeful, more engaged with life and your friends and family?  And just happier and more motivated?

I am a change artist.

Would you like to replace beating yourself up mentally with cherishing and valuing yourself?

Would you like to turn your inner demons and self talk into your best friends who support you on your journey through life from this point on?

Rewire your sub-conscious, change your paradigm, change your results, upgrade your life.

Meet Veronika

Veronika Andersson

Veronika is a HNLP Practitioner, Coach to the Deeper Self, to build on creating overall wellness for those seeking to lift their life game to the next level. This particular type of coaching is the equivalent of providing the owner’s manual to the mind and complements the other services that Veronika can provide in so many aspects of creating an abundant life.

Veronika Andersson has also been working in accounting public practices for over 30 years. She has often found that the stumbling blocks to financial success most people face are internal, that then express themselves externally, often in chaotic or unhelpful ways.

How can I help?

Coach for the Deeper Self

Coach for the Deeper Self

One-on-one online sessions to remove roadblocks to your success, access to global mastermind classes

Vavee Enterprises

Vavee Enterprises

CPA Accountant and registered tax agent, business structures, start up packages, business Consulting and support, tax return and BAS Preparation, Xero Training, Customised reporting to support your business



Support for your wellness journey, Young Living Essential Oils and Lifestyle Products

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