Veronika has often found that the stumbling blocks most people face are internal, that then express themselves externally, often in chaotic or unhelpful ways. This is why Veronika has always focused on personal wellness first in all her businesses.

Veronika is an HNLP Practitioner, Coach to the Deeper Self, building on creating overall wellness for those seeking to lift their life game to the next level, whether that be in business, professionally or personally. This particular type of coaching is the equivalent of providing the owner’s manual to the mind and complements the other services that Veronika can provide in so many aspects of creating an abundant life. Veronika knows these techniques work, because she has used them to heal her own limiting beliefs, family dynamics, inability to set and reach goals and continually improving relationship skills.



From the moment I connected with Veronika I knew I was in a safe space to share what had been going on for me and what I was feeling. Veronika was patient with me, allowed me to share as things popped up and also gave me the space to let go of it. Throughout the process, I felt relaxed and was able to go to a place and places that on my own I may never have reached. I was able to see beyond my current thinking state into the essence of what I want and am here to create. I felt grounded, safe, secure, and powerful to create. When I 'came back to my logical reality', I felt at ease and confident. Throughout the day, I felt like chains had been removed. I was able to think more positively and have an element of faith that everything is working as it should.
It's now been a couple of days on since our session and I am back in alignment with the essence of my vision and being confidently led toward creating it. I feel calm and people around me have noticed a difference in my energy. Thank you Veronika for YOU and your tremendous gift to the world."

Martin Ball

Veronika effuses care, concern and compassion. Silently and without judgement, she deeply and attentively listens without judgement. Her empathy authentically natural. She can then safely allow space for the expression of concerns. She then uses her skill in asking questions that will draw out deeper responses, allowing the speaker to hear themselves clearly. Further to this, her competence as a coach in coming up with suggested choices, is quite remarkable. Often leading to successful strategies and desired outcomes. I, as many others, continue to benefit from her perceptive support and highly effective organizational skills."

Julie Mair
Wellington NZ

Veronika took me through a clear and simple (but not easy) process to help me define my values and write my mission statement. I now have this fabulous tool to help guide me through life using my values. It is a gift beyond words. Thank you Veronika."

Wellington NZ

I recently had a session of HNLP with Veronika. During the session I wanted to work on an issue that caused a lot of emotional pain. During the session I was able to pinpoint the first time I had experienced that feeling. It was really impressive how quickly I could get to that experience that was many decades in the past. By the end of the session I realised that “acceptance” of the past is the key. I cannot change the past I can only change my feelings about it. I am now incorporating the learnings from the session into my daily practices. The practice was powerful and easy."


Hey I just wanted to share that I did a memory resolution technique with Veronika the other day. After doing this technique I wasn't really sure if this bad experience that had been troubling me for 30 plus years was actually over so I waited. I think today marks two weeks, that's two weeks of trying to allow the memory to come back without purposely forcing it, so I tried to force it. Well to my surprise no keywords no triggers nothing has brought back the pain in these memories or emotions associated with them. I've tried to put myself back in that frame of mind to feel it all over again but I can't seem to find it. The memories there but the emotion that sat with that memory is neutralize. I am just in awe that these memory's do not hurt me like they had for so many years.

Thank you so much Veronika, this technique truly has freed me from years of struggling to move past that trauma. Ill be back soon to get assistance with others"

Joe Somma
Michigan, USA